What is TeaCrine®?

What is TeaCrine®?

Understanding how and why your pre-workout works is more important than you know. Not only for your safety but it is also crucial in order to understand how to best utilize the product. Many of us have blindly taken products in the past without really doing research on them. Our theory behind this behavior is that we are easily overwhelmed with the amount of information presented at any given time. So today we will cover one ingredient, TeaCrine®.

As most of you have already heard, ProSupps has recently launched its newest and series. But what makes this series different you may be asking. Well, one of the biggest differences lies in this wonderful little ingredient called TeaCrine®.

What are the benefits of TeaCrine® supplementation?

It's not hard to see why TeaCrine® is commonly compared to the structurally similar caffeine, and even acts in many parallel ways. TeaCrine® is in fact shown to be stimulatory when used in higher doses, and interestingly when used in low doses such as the amount consumed through tea, can actually have a sedative effect.

In regards to the stimulatory effect, TeaCrine® has been shown to be similar to caffeine, however the key difference that sets it apart is that unlike caffeine, TeaCrine® doesn't appear to let the body build a tolerance to its effects. In fact, caffeine, while potent, has been demonstrated in research to show signs of tolerance build-up in as little as 4 days while TeaCrine® shows no such adaptation. That's right! Your body will not create a tolerance to this ingredient. Meaning, it will feel like the first time, every time!

Further sweetening the deal, TeaCrine® has been shown to have mood elevating effects. It appears to exert these positive effects via increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Interestingly, TeaCrine® has also been suggested to have positive effects in regards to improving liver function and reducing inflammation in the body.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced, jitter-free and sustained energy*
  • Promotes positive mood elevation & mental clarity*
  • Provides stimulatory effects without adaptation or habituation*
  • Helps reduce systemic inflammation & acts as natural analgesic agent in the body*

Learning how TeaCrine® works is a crucial part in understanding why we chose to implement this new ingredient in the NITROX series. We take pride in the quality of products we produce and have the responsibility to educate our consumers.