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HydroBCAA 30
Robbie Sill

I use it during my workout. Put right in my shaker bottle after my 5 mile run. Makes my recovery feel quicker.


Definitely making a difference. I've never sweat this much!

They were horrid. I never throw protein bars away, but I couldn’t stomach these.

This product may be good for some people but for me, it made me have painful inflammation in my body. Fibromyalgia patients should not use this product!

HYDE Xtreme
Rachell Eaves

I love this stuff! It's the first pre workout I've found that doesn't stop working halfway through the container. It lasts my whole workout and doesn't have any crash. I've been working out for about 5 months now and it is my #1 go to!

HYDE Nightmare V2
Bryan Theile
better than expected

I'm a lifelong ProSupps customer. Their products are always top notch and deliver!

Mike K
Spicy Thermo

I purchased the Spicy Margarita Thermo a couple of weeks back and it tastes so good! It does have spice so be cautious when you first smell the container. It gives a nice boost of energy but is not overwhelming, and kicks up the body heat when working out resulting in a slimmer body feel. I highly recommend it and can see dropping a few pounds while using this product a few times a week.

The caramel is my favorite! I love that they give you 3 different flavors to try

Great protein bar will buy it again

Chocolate Protein

This protein not only tastes great but also mixes well. Never clumpy or powdery but creamy smooth.

Amazing Product and Best Tasting Pre

I have tried several pre workouts throughout my lifetime and I can say that Jekyll has to be the best tasting one I have ever come across personally. On top of the taste the formula is top notch. I like to use it for when I train at night since it is low stimulant but when I train in the morning, I like to stack it with my higher stim pre workout making this product even more versatile. I will be re upping on this asap.

HYDE Nightmare V2
Donovan Dyck
Not bad but have questions

So I’ve been using Hyde for a while now but it makes my face everywhere tingle or feel kind of itchy idk if that’s a good thing or bad but it sure is weird

My REDLINE replacement

For years, Redline was my go-to energy drink every morning. When it was discontinued I tried at least a dozen other options before stumbling onto Hyde Xtreme. I only drink half a serving of Hyde for the same kick. After a one week trial, I’m subscribing. Thank you!!!

Whey Concentrate
John Contreras
Great Product

Using this helped me maintain and gain 5lbs in muscle...

Hyde xtreme

Excellent product.

Tasty....but the chocolate coating doesn't work too well in this Arizona heat.... I'll try again in the late fall or winter

HYDE Signature 60
Charles Park II
A+ products

Everything performs as expected!

Tastes Good. Finely Ground. Easy to Mix

Blue Razz tastes like Cotton Candy kind of in my opinion.

Has about 200mg of caffeine. Felt slight buzz, but not overwhelming. Overall solid when compared to other products.

HYDE Signature 30
Zak Teutsch

I love you guys

Nice size bars. Taste is not bad. Would purchase again.

These were disgusting

MyBar Freebie Offer

Taste was so mid

I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. When I got my package yesterday they were melted 🥺

Second time ordering!

Very pleased with the L-Carnitine and the CLA 3000.
Works very well for me, nothing disappointing to report!

Thanks for your review, Kyra! Happy to hear you're loving the Fat Loss Bundle!

Just arrived, and they are a melted mess. All 3 bars were crushed and open in the box I had to throw them away.

Hey Joe, we're sorry to hear that. We'll get you a replacement order shipped out. You'll receive an email with tracking once they ship. Thank you for your cooperation.