Burn Calories Cleaning!

Burn Calories Cleaning!

Don't feel like lifting weights today? Get in a huge calorie burn with some spring cleaning! how much? Let's find out.

When last we spoke, I touted the benefits of ushering in the bright new season by engaging in a bit of spring cleaning. In this post, I'll break it down even further, letting you know just how many calories you can stand to burn by engaging in a little clean-up of your own. Please keep in mind that these numbers are for a person of average weight – about 150 pounds. Individual caloric burns will vary, but the effects of a clean house will be felt universally.

  • Vacuuming – 200 calories in 60 minutes.
  • Washing the Dishes – 50 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Grocery Shopping – 350 calories for 60 minutes.
  • Cooking – 100 calories for 60 minutes. You get a bonus calorie burn if you're using any mechanical gadgets that require genuine effort from you, such as a manual grinder or kneading dough by hand.
  • Doing Laundry – 75 calories for 30 minutes.
  • Dusting – 180 calories in 60 minutes. Work some squats in while you're reaching low spots for some bonus leg toning benefits.

Some precautions to take when cleaning:

As with any lifting you do, be mindful of how you are lifting things. If you need to move a piece of furniture out of the way while vacuuming, for example, always be sure to lift with your knees, and not your back.

Be mindful of overextending yourself, and if you must stretch your body, do it in a safe way. For example, don't try reaching for an item that is out of reach by contorting your body, especially if your muscles aren't warm yet. You could injure yourself.

Essentially, any precautions you'd take to safeguard your health while working out should also be applied to your spring cleaning efforts.

Embrace a little spring cleaning, and get your workout in, too!