Amino23 Liquid Collagen

Amino23 Liquid Collagen

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Amino23 Liquid Collagen

Amino23 Liquid Collagen

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  • Recovery†
  • Healthy-Aging†
  • Joint & Bone Health†
  • 16 Serve
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Shake Amino23 well before each use.
Measure one serving (4 tablespoons) of Amino 23
Consume Amino23 either before a meal, or before/after training.
Refrigerate Amino23 after opening.


What is Amino 23?

Amino23 is a premium liquid amino acid supplement formulated using collagen and whey protein concentrate.

What are the benefits of taking Amino23?

Amino23 helps support lean muscle maintenance and recovery in addition to delivering collagen. It is a highly bioavailable source of amino acids, which act as the building blocks of protein. Amino23 works to repair and strengthen various tissues in the human body, such as muscle, bone, skin, hair, nails, and joints. It can also help promote healthy aging and support joint bone health.†

When is the best time to take Amino23?

The best time to use Amino23 is pre and post-workout to provide a rapidly absorbed source of amino acids to help support lean muscle recovery and maintenance.†

Can Amino 23 be stacked with other products?

Absolutely! Because Amino23 is stimulant-free, it is a great product to add to virtually any ProSupps® product stack for additional benefits such as lean muscle growth and repair!†